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About us/ Mission:
Momus CNC is the project of Bob Pavlik, an architect in Providence, Rhode Island. With a strong interest in digital manufacturing processes, the design of a small bench-top CNC machine began in 2005. After several years of refining the design, the first momus prototype machine was completed in 2009. The success of the design prompted the idea of making plans available, and over a year's worth of effort went into producing the original document, which debuted in the summer of 2010.
The mission of Momus CNC is to provide information to build affordable machinery for desktop digital manufacturing. With performance rivaling commercial machines costing many times more, the goal is to bring the power of digital fabrication to the small shop. Like never before, the power to fabricate nearly anything that can be imagined and 3d modeled, can be attained by the most modest of budgets.