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This page will be used to post progress updates of ongoing projects that are being developed by Momus CNC. It will also be used to post modifications and improvements to the machine design that have not yet been incorporated into the current version of the assembly manual.
Research and Development
© 2012 Momus CNC
We are currently working on a print head and extruder that will bolt onto the standard Momus CNC router, turning it into a 3d printer.

The Momus CNC router has a combination of qualities that make it well suited for use as a 3d printer. In particular, its mechanical resolution and high speed movement.

This design uses standalone electronics to control the nozzle and printbed temperatures. A PID controller modulates the temperature of a line-voltage cartridge heater that is embedded alongside the nozzle. The 4th axis of Mach3 will be used to control the extruder, which uses a small stepper motor.
momus cnc 3d print head
The parts for the extruder and nozzle will be able to be fabricated using the momus cnc router.
The design of the momus cnc router underwent significant revisions between the first release of the plans and the current version (2.0), which was released in May 2012. Many of the changes made to the design of version 2.0 were done with the intent that the machine would be easier to enlarge.

The rendering to the right is of an enlarged Momus CNC machine, with a travel of approximately 50" x 50". It will use a stepper motor drive on each end of the gantry axis, and these will be be slaved together through the control software.
monster momus
While the enclosed design of the machine effectively contains dust, it can still be beneficial to equip the router with a vacuum dust collection system. Numerous builders have already added such systems to their machines.
dust collection system
Check back soon for updates...
The plans for this project will be released as free open-source documents.